In the selfie frenzy: The hunger for experience of our guests. An Essay

Over tourism employs a long-only places such as Dubrovnik, where TV Nerds storm the town, because they want to immerse themselves in the dream world of “Game of Thrones”. Also in Austria, the discussion on the “too Much” has arrived to tourism (see comment). Where does the  journey while traveling? We from lack of space in the tourist yearning of places in the Virtual Reality and get rid of the big climate problem? Don’t worry, the tourists will come more to us, says the pay someone to do my assignment australia Hamburg-based trend researcher Birgit Gebhardt. Only we should choose exactly which groups we want to address in the future, if you don’t want to be surprised, that the spirits that you called, are often distribute hard to come by. She describes affect in your Essay, such as Gaming, Virtual Reality, or classic places of Yearning for the tourism.

More recently, we Europeans have asked us, why Asians always take photos of themselves in front of attractions. Today we do exactly the Same with Selfie extension rod or, without The Community on Instagram and Facebook is in need of fresh images, or in other words: location-based image, said facts. Never personal, real-time travel information as easy as it is today. But when you get caught in real life, the beach empty of people? How far you must narrow down the neckline, to have neither the own nor the beer bellies, the other in the picture? The most beautiful pictures of idyllic places, in the meantime, Platt stepped Locations of mass tourism, is a suspicion. In the face of Games and augmented realities, one wonders whether it is not supported with the virtual idea of recovery is technically better? Studies show that photo Wallpapers to produce the intended relaxing effect of plants. So what is in the nature of driving, heat, and expose them to danger when a pair of floor-to-ceiling plant pictures produce the effect here and now?

Real experiences it needs. The Community has declared certain places as a Must-see. And what’s runnin through the Community for beautifully designed and, accordingly, raised to the power of the Multi-Channel media consumption on Trip-Advisor to the Influencer for a growing global middle class. It is not expected to idyllic places with less tourists. But maybe with others.